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Sunday, April 22, 2007


What the phhhuuuccckkkk It was a garden-like area; green, overgrown, etc. I had a pet: a giant.. um.. green caterpillar type thing; big as a domesticated cat. And I was talking to Steven Sartain who was friends with this colored dude - on the internet, if you search, his name is also Steven Sartain. I can't recall... what we were doing.... hanging out maybe. I was on the internet a moment, again talking to Steve but this time via IM'ing him. My daughter sat beside me to watch the conversation, like she does in real life. We were chatting bullshit. But my friends (who changed into other people with the brown Sartain) wanted me to go off with them. But I was talking to Sartain on the internet and kept stalling - cuz the conversation was interesting dammit. The appointment was missed and my friends were angry. And somehow the caterpillar's butt got smushed. Later in the dream I looked at him and marveled how on earth it happened and he was a small man in a plastic bag trying to climb a wall. He'd get a little ways up and slide down only to try again. Over and over and over. One of my friends - the one who was REALLY mad - decided she was going to kick my ass. So then the Sephiroth music started to play (honest to gods this was phucked up) and she's coming at me. So suddenly of course I'm a weak girlie priestess (no effing kidding) who squealed in a high-pitched voice and ran. I ran down the hall; this woman is walking to follow me nice calm and easy to kick my ass. I could feel her power. I turned in the hall and ran back into the computer room with intentions to shout to my daughter, "Halona, tell Steve I'm getting my ass kicked and can't type right now!" and maybe "Help!" But the woman walked into the room from the other door on the other end, so my plan was thwarted. This woman was so small and mousey, lol... and here I am big and bulky running from her like a weakling. I woke up at that point and was having a conversation with someone about it. LOL.... But I am never drinking creme de menthe to get drunk before bedtime again.