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Sunday, April 29, 2007

dream, MILAB

Mmmm... I was visiting with two members of the bowl (Council on High) last night, to see if they deserved to die. Or maybe it was a dream; I can't tell. It had a Fishbowl feel to it, and although I know that there are times people just... grrr... that was what I was doing. I was hanging around them like their best bud in order to see if they deserved to die. I hung around a woman first. She was probably a bit older than me. Blonde. She was very friendly, but I had it in my mind that if I Judged her deserving it would be me that would kill her. I can't remember anything about our conversation except that it was mostly small talk and nothing I personally would consider important. But she had been quite a nuisance and hold back or something like that. Before I went to the second person, I stopped by the dark-haired woman who had their files. I opened first the woman's file and glanced over it. Then I opened the second file. That is where my memory of this ends.