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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, I originally wanted to post these things with a sentence beginning in Chinese or Japanese but I am at work without my dictionary.... so perhaps I will remember to come back and edit. Anyway, in this dream I began at the movie house, which is a place I've dreamed about before. As usual I can't remember the movies that were being shown or the people I met up with. This time, they were playing old movies; black and whites. Someone said something to me about how they only play the horrible (not in rating always) movies that were rejected in other places and could only be found in _____. I don't remember the name. Then I and this person got into a truck and we were going down a highway. It was an old highway, too, as if we were in the 1950's. There was a cab on the truck, almost as if it were a military transport vehicle. The person said to me that we had to mark our trail, so he handed me a roll of toilet paper. I streamed the toilet paper out of the truck like college Hansel and Gretel. When the roll ran out, I got another. As we rode along we passed a clown on my right side of the road. He saw what we were doing and said, "Not on my watch." So he began to walk after us. I remember he was covered in little speckles of blood from head to toe and his clothes were so rent and torn they were shards of cloth. He was definitely a white man, and his blond hair was topped by what used to be a tall hat like the Cat in the Hat. But it was also rent and sharded with speckles of blood. I guess we were driving very slow, because he caught up to us even though he was on foot. He climbed onto the back of the truck, and he had a hypothermic needle in his hand. I could feel the danger, but I was not afraid. He stabbed the canvas on the back of the truck with the needle at me. Very calmly. I took his hand and turned the needle around so that he stabbed himself in the heart through the canvas.