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Thursday, June 14, 2007


I had a bicycle, and this hoodlum was trying to steal it from me. So I stabbed him many times with my fingernail file while my friend Choshu squealed and danced around the way people do when witnessing narsty things. I can't recall what happened later or even the setting very well, except for some random 1950's shop items. The bike was brandnew and a pretty green-blue. Somehow it came up in a conversation that there had been a crime committed. The person I was speaking with blamed themsevles, but I also stood there and took the blame. I never found out what the crime was. Anyway, somehow my own right hand got stabbed with the fingernail file and the wouldbe thief brought a group of 10 or 20 to help him still this solitary bike. There was blood all over my hand, especially from my pointer finger knuckle attaching my finger to my hand. Anyway, I guess this means you *can* hijack a plane witha fingernail file. Took a nap today... was talking with the dragons. I rarely do that. I can't remember the topic.