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Monday, June 18, 2007

dream, MILAB

I remember that we were in a field at least; the kind they used to hold turkey shoots in when I was a child. The grass was thick and green, and there were these clear boxes on black stands with black dots or rings painted on them. I suppose they were supposed to be targets. I can't remember who all was there at first. I know that we were chatting and everyone was scattered all around me, with each person about 2 to 3 meters away from me and facing me. We could have been points on a map, the way we were aligned. They circled me. The person I was talking to directly in front of me was female, taller than I with an essence of grey around her. She had a built body; you could tell it even from under the many layers of clothes she wore. I knew she wasn't human but an alien (maybe a reptile), especially when she whipped out the laser rifle from behind her back (and essentially from nowhere). It was a grey and white weapon and didn't look like anything I had seen before, but the moment it came out I knew what it was. I was literlly, "Whoah. Watch where you point that thing," when she started waving it around. It also took me back a little - there had been no animosity in our conversation. She just took it out as if this were and every day thing for her saying, "WEll, now I'm going to kill you" as if I knew too much or something. At first she pointed at a young woman standing behind her to my left. This woman was 2 to 3 meters farther up from her, making her 4 to 6 meters farther from me. When the gunwoman pointed her weapon in the woman's direction, I thought for sure the other girl was dead. It was not that long of a shot and the weapon was very clearly powerful. The alien wasn't really taking time to aim. While holding the gun slung around her hips, she turned her body in whatever direction she wanted to fire. I can't recall if she shot the other girl. It doesn't seem like she did. Rather, she slung the gun back in my direction with some short statement indicating I was about to die. The person 2 to 3 meters standing in line with me to my right made an alarmed motion - I saw it from the corner of my eye. I was alarmed, too, for obvious reasons. I ducked behind the target nearest me and crouched down. My antagonist spoke to the whole group while she slung her gun around, but I can't recall what was said. It seems as though it was the typical speech people make when they're in that position. I know I was thinking some loud, clear thoughts and might have responded to the gun lady once or twice. Because I can't recall the convo, I'm not sure what was said that made me stand up to respond that final time. The gunner fired as soon as I had finished speaking. The blast (or perhaps bullet, who knows) hit me in the right side of my belly. I was kind of grazed but yet seriously injured enough to fall to the ground. That was when it was revealed that Mike and Tabs had been standing behind me all along. Now of the pair, Tabs is usually the most verbal. This time, it was Mike that had a lot to say. Tabs stepped forward into view of the side of my right eyes. Mike stood over me. He was not yelling at my assailant, but the conversation had turned very serious. All that I remember about it was that they were allowing the gun woman alien to believe I was dead. The whole time they're talking, I'm laying on the ground with this wound in my side. All sorts of dumfounded thoughts were flying through my mind: WTS?! Why is there no blood? How bad is it? Aw damn, my clothes are ruined. What's going on? Is the alien going to finish me off or what? How bad is the wound? Why doesn't this hurt? I think Tabitha took over the conversation at some point during my thoughts, because the conversation took on a "you bastard" tone to it. (Leave it to Tabs to let you know. LOL) I started to lift my head to look at my wound, but Mike grabbed my head by my left cheek and skull and pushed me back down. "Put your head back down," he said to me sternly. "She thinks you're dead." I can't remember anything after that, if there was anything.