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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I had a dream last night; a long one in which I was running from the government, then won for a while, and then ended up running again. For some reason it was based on Avatar the Last Airbender, but only in that my friend was from the show. And Saraen was there, but only for a moment. The part that speaks the loudest to me was when I saw a white-haired man. His hair was long past his shoulders and straight. I thought, "There is Moch!" for a split second, but no. It was not. We looked at each other - I think I was riding a train or something and sticking my torso out of the window - and he was passed by. Another man who looked very similar came out from behind something. His hair was only to his chin, but just as straight as the last. "THERE you are!" I shouted. He approached me and my heart welled as I knew there he was at last; my Moch. We kissed, and I could feel the urgency in our touch. It was a hard kiss as we pressed to each other, grabbing and trying not to let go. Then the train or whatever it was wrenched me from his grasp. But I was not upset. I was too busy to be upset. The feeling I examined there was that I had found him, I knew where he was, and he was not gone from my life. I was only out on a mission and would be back. Not like now, where my life is empty without him with no hope of seeing him again. But like a pair of mundanes where one takes a business trip and knows he's coming home to his wife next week. THAT kind of waiting. I'd found him and my heart. The strong kiss made it so real