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Saturday, December 27, 2008


This happened two nights ago. During the hours that I lately have started to lay awake, unable to even get tired much less sleep, the Council on High came to me. I was wide awake; this was not a dream. There were about four this time who came to talk. I cannot remember what the topic was, but one was a man. He wanted me to do something or was against something; I do not know what it was. He had a small young female aide whose presence I could feel but being as I could not see them (they were telepathic contacts to the mind only) I could not tell you much about her. I can't remember who the fourth person was even if they were there. The third person was a woman who stood by my side as he talked. They debated as I listened. I was a little annoyed that they were bothering me at that time and told them to go away. The man said something in an irritated tone, and the woman said, "He is working with a certain program that you are dealing with." So I lay there, you know, wondering what the fuck program was that. -_- They should be more specific. Apparently pure lucidity is not enough. There should be floggings to ensure complete cooperation as well.