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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Council on High

1-20-2009, approximately 3 am. "Pink slip," the slightly overweight Oriental guy said to the skinny brunette Caucasian guy who was sitting at his wooden desk. The Oriental guy was smiling, very happy, as he leaned over the desk and wrapped his right arm around the other guy's shoulders to shake him as if to say "It will be alright" when it really wasn't. The Oriental (Japanese?) guy wore a grey business suit. The other guy wore brown. I would say the Japanese guy must have been gloating. Caucasian guy looked down at his desk clearly very depressed. Japanese guy looked up, saw me standing there, and saluted with his free hand. This action broke me from the vision. I wasn't even asleep yet when I saw this... I was laying in bed thinking about some certain people who needed to be fired from the Fishbowl.