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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Subject:The theme is getting old
Time:2:17 pm.

Yes, I dreamed of the ex again last night. And it was another sappy moment, but thankfully I can't remember it today. *sigh* I miss the dreams I used to have where I was running from demons, fighting werewolves, or any number of interesting things.

So I shall post about my favorite astral fight instead:

T'was during the time of court when my shields were lowered and the whole universe finally figured out where I was.

Now, as I've said before, the problem with getting found when on the run is that a lot of people say, "Hey! She owes me money!!" and they tear holes in the fabric of time to get to your house and take debts out of your hide. I was fighting every brave upstart and ancient old fart from here until Sundry Tuesday.

One night as I stood in my living room just beside my body, I looked to my front door just as a traditional little bugger stepped through, as pretty as you please, without knocking. He wore the most elaborately embroidered kimono I've ever seen: red-orange with golden designs all over it. His hair was in a black little top not and the scabbard to his kitana, strapped to his left, was black and red.

He looked at me.

I looked at him.

We bowed, he drew his kitana, and the fight began.

I awoke the next morning, memory-less, with face scratches, and wondering who won.

I still wanna know. I mean, it was probably him but c'mon!! Don't I get a slow mo' replay or something??