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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Cook

Sometimes I think one of my altars is a cook. Or maybe I cook for people on "the other side". It's just that sometimes I know things about recipes my upbringing and formal education doesn't give. Take for example goose soup.

I have never had goose soup, but I'd gotten hold of a goose breast. Soup in of itself is easy, so I had the meat and vegetables in the pot. I asked myself, "Now, what should I use to flavor this?"

The instant answer came: white wine.

I don't cook with wine. My mother never cooked with wine. My people of themselves traditionally don't cook with wine. The aunt that got hoity toity also got too good to let little neices like myself into her house much to learn about cooking with wine. WTF with the wine.

So I checked and learned that white wine is used in dishes using poultry or fish. Particularly in some goose soup recipes.

And that's not the first time that has happened to me. It's just the most recent.

You can say that maybe I learned it off of a cooking show (that I never watched) or by some other means. That's the usual explanation for things like this, and sometimes it is true. Always search the information that crops up for you carefully.

However in this case, I can't explain away the way the answer came to me - like a white hot little voice speaking up out of the shared well of knowledge. Almost an instinct. The way some altars will speak to you, especially when they feel strongly about something, are only programmed for that task, or are incredibly shy.

So yes. Goose soup.