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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lizards in Action

I was actually looking form something completely different when I came across apparent footage of a Reptilian body guard at a government function. I sat, I watched, I backed up, and I watched again. Usually when I watch things that people put out on the internet like this, I figure it's not completely real. There have been plenty of things I saw that were apparently just cases of people wishing things were there. But this time, well. I'm going to treat this as real, the debate isn't whether it is or not.

There was a reptilian who once came to me to discuss a story I was writing. Apparently my representation of them as a people was a matter of grave concern. I was in Tampa at the time. I'll never forget how I stared at his orange jump suit, studying the folds in the cloth, wondering why on earth he had to wear such a human military thing unless he was part of the American army. And I remember, also, how humanoid he appeared. Not at all covered in ridges or anything like people picture them.

The ridges can show, but well, let me show you the footage.

Let's be serious in our exploration, and what I'm going to say I know from my head. I haven't opened any books to study what others have to say yet. I will begin tonight now that things have been confirmed.

1. He weaves back and forth. While weaving back and forth, his ears are out and look rather like a frill. (For an example of a frill see further down the post.) He's attentive, looking around, and being very watchful. Mind you, I've seen lots of humans act like that and me too when happy so the behavior is 100% off... but there's more.
2. When he stops looking around and being attentive, he "shapeshifts". That's not really shapeshifting, and I'm not really sure why people call it that. It's not even close to glamoring, which is another skill entirely. If you look, the frill has went down and the ridges shift much like if you flexed your muscles. He basically is expressing an emotion, state of being, or feeling. In this case I took it to mean "all looks clear, am going to stand down a bit now."
3. His humanoid features become even less pronounced when he stands down and he manages to look even more "alien". Even in the dark of the room you can tell he's different. No need to enhance the footage or zoom in. Just compare and contrast.

Something that I find amusing is we'll compare ourselves to apes, find all sorts of similarities with chimpanzees and use them as a model to understand ourselves better, but we can't seem to make the same connection with the other natives of this planet. And it's so much common sense, that I think even without a BA in anthropology I'd get it.

Some of the reptilians are of early reptile descent. Some are "hoary" lizards. And some regard themselves as avians and are a little vain about it. (One of my alters included.) This reptilian, I think, is closer to the dinosaur breed, the ones closely linked to birds. (If you didn't know, birds are dinosaurs evolved. Our modern lizard is from a different ancestor in many cases.)

Birds and some reptiles have some behaviors in common because of that common ancestor: weaving when on the look out or threatened, having a frill, and being able to shift parts of their bone structure to suit certain things.

So you learn them, you learn their body language, you learn how to talk to them. Know thy enemy, if you must. If that one is one of the enemy.

And with this little bit, their apparent shapeshifting and even what that guy was doing there becomes defined, real, touchable, a little mundane and above all - more on a serious level for us to process, understand, and decide how to react to without a bunch of mumbo jumbo getting involved.

Here's a couple of lizards. And a snake, weaving.

This is also the part where I suggest once again that if reptilians think we should still be in the food chain, they can be just as tasty.