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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleep Paralysis around you

It's true what they say about the people around you going into paralysis when it's time to be picked up. With aliens it's like they're frozen in time, and there's no waking them. With everything else, it's like they're in a deep sleep they can't wake up from. You can shake them, and they might moan a bit at you - but you'll get no help from them.

After midnight, early 3-21-2013, it happened to me again. I was going to bed late (as usual) and snuggled down in the blankets. I was almost asleep when a ghostly figure that resembled my daughter approached my head. Of course I opened my eyes. First, it resembled my daughter: boyish short blond hair, heavy mascara, about her short height. Second it was a ghost approaching me in the bed when I'm vulnerable.

There was nothing there, so I tried to relax again. And sure enough within a few minutes I saw, as my eyes flutterd open, the ghostly figure approach again. She was clearer this time, but definitely outlined in white and able to be seen through. So I sat up and tried to shake my husband awake. He moaned at me a bit but I couldn't wake him.

Now the proper reaction to this situation is to get your butt out of bed. But for whatever reason I lay back down and went straight to sleep - which is another sign a pickup is happening. You don't sit up in alarm, realized you're not getting help, and then blow off to simply go to sleep normally. That's just stupid. And I knew it as I was falling asleep, but it's like I couldn't help myself.

My dream as I was waking up that morning was about my boyfriend having broke up with me, and no matter where I went in this dream no one would leave me alone. And I was shown footage of a younger me giggling and crying into a pillow with people around her and military uniforms hanging on a sales rack nearby. And I was sad through the thing, and full of hatred that I would be broken up with so casually but the man wouldn't have the grace to leave me alone.

And as I gently woke up that morning for the 2nd day in a row - which is also not normally for me - my thoughts immediately flew to my visiting specter.  There are some bugglies that will wait until you fall asleep to purposefully give you bad dreams so they can feed off your reaction. But when I mentally reviewed my dreams of the past two nights, I had to conclude they were not that kind of dream. One had mythical creatures and a journey to the center of the earth and me finally, after a lifetime, announcing I refused to marry the prince because he would not allow me my freedoms. (The prince dream usually has no resolution.) And then the dream about the boyfriend. Hardly nightmares.

So I considered maybe it was my daughter dreamwalking. She's prone to doing that, although she doesn't realize it. Upon consideration, I think no - this creature was waiting for me to fall asleep on purpose. When I woke up the first time, they backed off and waited again. When I woke up the 2nd time, my husband would not wake up and I was lulled into sleep.  All of that points to adbuction.

And I have really weird dreams after abductions - because your mind has to process the information no matter what. Another thing about those dreams is they were had AFTER my husband got up for work and woke me up to kiss me goodbye. He leaves at about 06:30. The second sleep is about when I process information like that.

So. I couldn't tell you what I've been doing. I admit it really would be nice to know or good or bad.