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Monday, April 1, 2013


This happened about a month ago.

I don't remember much of everything else that was going on because my consciousness was going in and out of focus. I'd dream I was going somewhere, then I'd be talking to people and not dreaming while still in the dream state. There was a group of people I was traveling with on the dream side. I remember a truck, that one was a blonde, and that we were tourists... and archaeologists. Or maybe just had an interest in archaeology.

But as is the way of things, "they" slapped a map on a table down in front of me - and the dream state went away. Came the type of focus I've heard others describe, where if you try to look at or pay attention to something outside of the intended field of scope things get blurry and your mind is herded by this narrow view back to where they want you. And I, when shown a map, will focus very keenly and it will become my entire universe. I'll be aware its just a map, but the hypnotized dream state side will fill in data, colors, and even moving pictures.

Coming out and in the waking world now, I never remember being told why I'm being shown a map. In the dreamstate, though, I know exactly what's needed of me. I'll pick out regions, spots, and places. I'll listen to the debriefings, or I'll say "so and so is located here" and point.

This time it was a debriefing. The map was in front of me, and it was a topography map I recall wide awake. I'm sure of it because the bumps and ridges of valleys and rivers were very plain to see. I would have been able to feel them if I'd been inclined to touch the map - I was inclined to put my hands at my sides and pay attention like a good little soldier instead I'm afraid.

It was a hilly country, with many minor valleys. I remember thinking how odd it was, this country, that it had two rivers along it's northern and southern borders. They were strange rivers because they didn't bend and twist the way rivers did.

I was told that there was a major archaeology expedition in the country's south, in a place called the Vou Valley to the southeast off the middle. The word "Vou" was pronounced so that the o and the u made a single sound.

When the discovery had been made, the country's government made people move out of their home for miles and miles. There weren't a lot of people living in that region anyway: just a few scattered homes and maybe a village or two. The discovery was called "The Monkey" and I got the impression that it was a tomb or treasure cache of some sort.

After the debriefing was over, I returned to the dream state in which I dreamed I and a small group of tourists walked a very narrow mountain crack path to get to the discovery. It was so narrow we had to wiggle single file.

The next day I was talking to a friend about it, and I got curious as to what I had been shown. I tried finding the valley first, but couldn't find anything. I knew the country was in the east, so I looked up China, Tibet... and then on a whim looked up Mongolia.

I had to laugh when I found a map. Those rivers weren't rivers at all. They were the border lines for the eastern half of the country. Which would place the discovery on the edge of the Gobi Desert.

Of course I haven't found any information on any discoveries there to date. It's hard to get archaeology information out of that side of the world, what with their closed information borders, communist policies and all.

The map is an open domain piece taken from the CIA World Factbook.