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Monday, April 22, 2013

Speaking Of.... slrp

While we're on the subject of reptilians, I think I should share two of my wide awake physical brushes with them. Now, this has nothing to do with being approached by a reptilian in the night when I was just beginning a comic about them that was meant to portray them in an utterly ridiculous light. That was a purposeful encounter, and those you must always examine suspiciously because so much can be and has been faked. Lies are all around us.

These were two accidental encounters, and that's why I hold them to be so real. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Or the wrong time, maybe. Depending on your point of view.

The first time was when I and my daughter moved to a small town located about three hours east of St Louis, Missouri. My husband was in Iraq at the time, and we had just bought the house of my dreams - and I mean it was literally of my dreams. The thing I had dreamed about, wished for, and hoped for my entire life right down to how the open bar looks in the basement. We were leaving Jacksonville, Florida behind - and that being a hotspot in which I witnessed a lot of things - so I thought moving to this little town was going to be a nice quiet change. I was in for a scarey surprise.

We got there, settled in after some drama with the local officials who went so far as trying to accuse me of stealing my husband's identity in order to forestall the final signing of our house's paperwork, and life set to resume. In fact if you see my video blogs you can even see when we moved and notice the change.  And all should have been a hustle of unpacking and learning our new town.

But I, being taught to feel and be aware at least on a low skill level, couldn't sleep at night. I could feel them all around me - there was a huge cluster of minds all watching me. They were aware I was there, they were watching carefully, and the foremost emotion they put out was wondering if I was a threat. It was very uncomfortable, and I was a bundle of nerves. I only slept during the day, when the "psychic eyes" seemed less trained on me and it felt safe.

Being an author, I got booked to make a public appearance in Joplin, Missouri. My daughter who was about fourteen at the time, and I loaded into the car and we started driving. We had to go through St. Louis to get there and hit the city sometime in the evening, but even as we hit the outlying farmland areas on the outside of the city I could feel them. It was scarey - more minds than I had ever felt before, and I knew I was sensing a large scale movement above ground that was very special. The minds were all bend and shaped in that way people get when they have an intense purpose.

We crossed the bridge into St Louis, passed the arch, and as my daughter oggled the sights and crooned I felt them moving around. There were hints of water, smells of underbrush, and then suddenly it just shut off. I knew, then, that they had ground their prey. And I knew it was a young girl. I said to my daughter that they had caught someone. A couple of more miles down the road, when we were a little past halfway through St Louis, and the city went on amber alert. A young girl had been taken.  It was the saddest confirmation I had ever received in my life.

The rest of my time living up there was spent in fear, knowing I was so close to one of the reptilian hives that still practices the girl hunts when my daughter was just at the right age they seem to prefer. After a while the minds stopped watching me at home, but I never stopped watching out for them.

When my husband was on his second deployment to Afghanistan I saw one in the flesh. I was in Hobby Lobby - I kid you not - looking for supplies when this woman happened to be in the same row as me. I looked at her, and she looked at me. I could feel her attention - not sure how I got it - and her eyes were black pools. They were beautiful eyes, mind you, but they didn't look right... and as I stared briefly I could find no hint that they were because of contact lenses.

"N... nice eyes, "I literally stammered. 

She thanked me and I ducked to the next row. You'd think that would be it, but I could feel her following me as I talked with my friend... first about the woman's eyes in one brief sentence, and then about whatever mundane thing I could find. The woman followed me from row to row, her always on the other side, as I pretended to shop and act like I'd noticed nothing weird. I saw her head cocked when there was a gap, listening.

So, because the situation was both scarey and a bit provoking, I decided to try a trick from Babylon 5. Babylon 5 being a TV show, well, you can't take any of it seriously. But what the hell. I started playing Mary Had A Little Lamb in my head over and over. I focused on that song while continuing the conversation.

That was when the reptilian ... or whatever she was... decided I wasn't anything and went away.

I tried very hard to get my MUFON contacts to come to the area and investigate with me, but they never would. And that is where that tale ends.