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Monday, January 28, 2013

Time to be super

List of "super soldiers" or MKultra militant operatives that have come forward that I know of. I might be confused on some of them. I dunno.

Anya Briggs
James Casbolt (Michael Prince)
Max Spiers

Cathi Morgan
Alara Blackwell
John Urwin
Solaris BlueRaven
Sheila House
James Rink
Richard Rodgers
Duncan O'Finoian
"Soldier X"
Aaron McCollum
Michael Relfe

There are many more I'm sure.

The super soldier "creation" timeline according to everyone else.* This is fitting myself and others I have found in as best I can, knowing that such fittings are mostly theory.

Pregenerational Era
1930's-1940's - Nazi Germany. Hitler is approached by super men about which he talked about in Mein Kampf. They were tall, blonde, beautiful, and better than everybody else. If you need a visual, their description matches that of the Pleiadians. Because of this contact, Hitler gets the idea that his ethnic background was meant to be tall, blonde, blue-eyed and perfect. He sets into place programs to breed the German native into the super race matching this description. Among them was the drive to create a super soldier.

(On a side note, Hitler's scientists also managed to build working prototypes of antigravitational-powered saucer ships... that resembled the Pleiadian ships by... well... a lot.)

Prototype Era
early 1950's - 1960's. After Project Paperclip, in which America shipped Nazi scientists to America after Germany lost World War II, many secret projects were instilled in the American government system. Among them was the famous MKultra - a mind-altering project that tested many subjects in the quest for the perfect Manchurian candidate and super soldiers. Out of MKultra came side projects with names like Project Bluebird. Project Talent was another such project. Project Talent's mission was to scout children with exceptional abilities and talents, see them trained up, and have them shipped to participate in other related projects. 

During this time the first American "super soldiers" were scouted from military units, through Project Talent, and other means and incorporated into the budding "super soldier" system. The first super soldiers to be were put into training.

The U.S. psychic programs were also put into place and would be acted out on for many years to come.

Around this time, John Urwin was recruited into the The Sixteen, a special task force who undertook many secret mission in the Middle East.

Generation 1
late 1950's - 60's. Interestingly this overlaps the prototype era by several years. The first "super soldiers" were utilized in various important missions, including assassinations and reconnaissance in the Korean and Vietnam War. Splitting a super soldier's mind into alters in the well-known MKultra method was also introduced and experimented with.

Duncan O'Finoian claims to be a generation 1 super soldier.

Generation 2
late 1960's - early 70's: As with Generation 1, this era overlaps it's predecessor by several years.

Generation 3
Late 1970's to early 1980's Another overlap, this is also the age of the implant. Nanotechnology and cybernetics were also coming into play in regards to building that perfect soldier. (This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. In the late 1970's, Eric Drexler began to work with inventing the process that would later bring about the molecular  machine wonders we know about today.)

Apparently, the obsolete, last wave of this generation came out around 1984 or '85.

Although I was born in 1971 and had most of my "dreams" and "weirdness" in the 1980's, when puberty's heightened hormone output but me at a peak for training, I have always been proud to be "the youngest" of my team. And that I was also the last to be slipped into my team's program before they changed training and assembly tactics. I also have always been proud to be "the last" to have experienced certain training live in the flesh (like being buried in the sand) while today they merely implant such memories by hypnotic suggestion. I was proud of this before I knew there were others like me. I've just always known.

As a later generation friend and I have observed together, there is a certain soldier hierarchy in the waking military between those that have deployed, seen combat, or have not. There is also a certain hierarchy for those of us who experienced physical training vs. simulated training. Physical experiencers get better props. :-)

Generation 4
1980's to an unknown date. Super soldiers were now able to be trained for optimum use in the field. Remote viewing had been add to their perfected skill set by this time. A standard formula for "super soldier teams" was now in place with each member of the team specializing in one specific skill. (One can remote view, one can fight, etc.) Organ replacements and more cybernetics came into use, as well as the widely-spread practice of implants for tracking, hormone/mood control, memory filtering and even necessary termination.

Operation Spyglass also happened during this time.

Generation 5
Apparently we are in the Generation 5 super soldier era or beyond, where super soldiers are literally grown as clones with fake parts and probably no souls. They seem to be operated during missions by remote viewers, usually also military personnel (and thus super soldiers), like one does a video game (to use Alara Blackwell's terminology.)

The super soldier time line how I see it.

Prototype Era - 1930's to early 1950's. The Nazis started it. Project Paperclip finished it and the first "real" super soldier was America-owned.
Generation 1 - 1950's to 1970's. The process was perfected during this time so that a good many soldiers were produced that were well on their way to what we would consider a super soldier now. The psychic programs came into play heavily sometime during this and the MKultra scandal, when the program was revealed to the public and the some people sued and won against the federal government, caused many of the programs to be moved and revamped for optimum safety and secrecy.
Generation 2  - 1970's to 1990's. "Super soldiers" produced at this time were more refined, their functions better placed to their innate abilities, likes and dislikes as well as personality.  Of course some of these would have been "generation 1" projects that overlapped into generation 2 for whatever reason.
Generation Now - This goes from whenever Generation 2 faded out until now. Sure the ways to build them "better, faster than before" have changed and will always be improved upon but the basic framework has been set. Why fix what isn't broken?

I have no idea about clones, but I can tell you I've always detested the concept of putting "bad photocopies" into use in any part of our daily lives.

How do I fit in all this?

Aside from the little bit I have said here, I  just don't know. I'd welcome someone's insight. Dang it.

*Disclaimer: I'm not vouching for most of these events. I'm just trying to put the pieces together based on what little information I'm able to glean past the "lookitme" posturing.