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Monday, January 14, 2013

So You Could Say 3...

The werewolf story: concluded...

There is a cemetery in Schenectady that Fred had showed me and it was a gorgeous one. It dated from colonial times and the front part had been declared a preserve/park area. It was one of the great ones with big oak trees, shady areas, real flowers, and tombstones with dates you can only imagine.

The energy there was something else, too. You could actually feel how it was divided between local "covens". One area felt wiccan, one something I couldn't identify, etc. etc. I think I counted five divisions the couple of times I was there, and I didn't explore very far because the far back was what caught my attention. It was very plainly the place reserved for the more dark arts.  There was graffiti on tombstones, wax drippings on the top of a sarcophagus... but what had convinced me the folks who used the hidden area were real was a bush at the entrance of the little area.

Inside of it, wrapped up in bit of string and dangling as spellwork dictates was a bit of freckled fur that looked a lot like a wolf's fur. It was that which caught my attention, kind of like that line in The Last Unicorn movie where the unicorn says to Schmendrick, "You must never run from anything immortal. It catches their attention."

Now even then I knew sensing the energies could have been a product of my imagination. A lot of people would say that. But I dunno. I may not be very good at listening to myself when my premonitions say "go do this" or "prepare for power outage" or what have you... but I'm good at listening to my nose. And my nose said there was directed energy  there.

I was in a mischievous mood when I took Tee's boyfriend with me to show him the cemetery. Poor shy little fellow. I was only playing, but I think perhaps it was a bit on the cruel side to take this guy to a vortex of energy in the mood I was in. And this mood is like having all of your doors and windows open at once with the power turned on maximum, the stereo blaring, and signals being pumped into you by the gods themselves. You can tell everything that happened in an area - not like in the movies where they replay events as if you're watching a play. It's knowledge you take for granted, because you always knew it. You just know.

And I knew that the Group In the Back had been holding rituals, using the sarcophagus as their ritual table. And I knew they were trying to summon their god - Lucifer, perhaps, or some other deity along that line. And it wasn't that long after I'd been attacked in New Jersey for being Lucifer, myself, and the energy they sent out was a damn near match to what excites me.

So I knew that climbing on top of the sarcophagus and grabbing the energy tendrils in my hot little hands in order to send a large power burst that literally screamed "I"M HERE! YOU SENT FOR ME, RIGHT
???" would catch their attention.

Poor Tee's boyfriend was white as a sheet. I'm not sure he could swallow the fact that I had just answered a coven's summons by standing in the center of their combined power.

While standing on that sarcophagus - I hadn't even had time to get down again - I was jolted with, "WE'RE COMING!"

"They're coming!" I shouted in glee to Tee's boyfriend. I jumped down, laughing nervously or just laughing, and took him out of the back to what I considered the "Wiccan area." And we stood there - him about to crap his pants in fear and me expecting a group of teenagers or college age adults at best.  I even would have agreed to meet them and play a bit, I decided, if I felt they were okay.

Four or five vehicles appeared in ten minutes.  The first was a cop - stepping out of his personal vehicle. The second was a business man in a very nice car.  I can't remember the others, but standing there watching them as they went into the back and held a large discussion trying to figure out who was there you knew these people weren't just anybody. They were local leaders.

Only one person do I remember clearly, and that's because as she climbed back into her old car with the stink of "abandoned single parent with little money" all over her she pulled away from the group and drove by Tee's boyfriend and I from where we stood in plain sight watching in shock. She looked closely at he and I, driving by. Her eyes narrowed... and then her expression changed. We were not the demons she was looking for. She forgot us and drove away.

They all drove away after a while. Tee's boyfriend was very quiet for the rest of the day. And he was scared around me for a couple of days after that, but that was when he really started to side with me and not the rest of the household. I don't know what they'd told him, to be honest, if anything. I don't know if they talked much about me at all - well aside from the negative backstabbing things they acted on later. But that event maybe, just maybe, changed his mind about something. And his moral support I look back upon even years later and thank him quietly for: my brave friend.

Now when I find a cemetery of interest I tend to visit it a lot - usually it's to do things like tend forgotten graves or do good things. I don't like vandals. Cemeteries can be beautiful, but only if you take care of them. So of course I went back.  But within two weeks the energy in the back was gone and I searched... they'd moved their vortex. I could even feel where it was. But I didn't care to chase them. I will admit I was a little disappointed. I like making new friends. But, what are ya gonna do. Instead of chasing them I cleaned up some of their mess and made note that the werewolf spell was gone.

I wonder if it worked for the caster better than mine had done for me.

And that's the end of the werewolf spell story.