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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I have had RH negative blood. I'm type AB. And when I was pregnant with my son, my blood was RH negative. But my husband's blood was RH positive. This put my son at risk of dying an infant death - something that happened to my eldest brother - so they gave me a shot to make the problem go away. So that after the birth my blood was RH positive. I can't remember if my blood was negative or positive when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I do remember the shot which they gave me because of what happened with my son. I found an article talking about how if you have RH negative blood and a high IQ you might be part alien. But I look at my family history and the fact that my family grew up watching documentaries and smart people things, and I gotta say: if you're raised in a smart environment there's a pretty good chance you'll end up smart. No reptilian blood required. RH negative may just happen to be a human condition that might account for the millions of cradle deaths over the centuries, and nothing more. Like appendicitis. It's like people saying that glamoring is an alien trait, or something for humans with alien blood. And it's all so messed up. Apparently the Sumerian Annunaki took their DNA and created the modern human race out of Lucy, but yet there are only some select people who have alien DNA. Do you people realize how stupid that sounds? If the Annunaki or some other alien race perpetuated a rushed evolution of humanity through mingling of their DNA, then *everyone* of human descent has this proverbed alien DNA. Ergo, therefore, and other simple logic that gets thrown out the window. And what this means is you're not effing special for being able to point to your extra rib and say you're not quite human because it simply is not true. And maybe it's my red background that gives me the following knowledge, but glamoring is not a strictly alien talent. It's not something select people are given by their alien masters in this day and age. It's a very *human* trait. If you track back shamanistic glamoring and shapeshifting, you'll find a common theme. Shamans can do it - they're taught to harnass this ability by their mentors. Lycanthropes did it, and others. I mean sure there are predators that have used the ability to prey on human kind. But there are just as many humans who can do it. If you connect yourself inside and listen to yourself you have a better chance of finding it. And some people think you have to be born an innate shaman to become a shaman. Well that's bullshit too. Yes, there are some people whose gifts are strong enough that being a shaman is the best course. It is a proven fact that practicing magic will balance hormones and calm someone with depression or some other chemical imbalance. In other words, magical people have a medical need to be magical. However, there are other people who just wanted to be it and went out and learned. One of the best psychic leaders the government ever employed started out as a guy that was recruited just because, that had no imagination whatsoever, and he grew to be very strong indeed. Alien blood not required. Now don't get your panties in a wad. If you think you're part reptilian/annunaki/martian because of your RH negative blood maybe that's true. But because it's not *necessarily* true I have to question using that as a deciding factor of your human ancestry. And if you're telling me it's always true because some alien contact told you it was true, I have to swing back to Karla Turner's philosophy: The aliens have been proven to be consummate liars. The aliens have proven to be manipulators, life ruiners, and baby thieves. The aliens tell their pets they're special and give them "missions" that never hold true. ("I'm a super powerful alien because I have RH negative blood!" equals "I'm special!" by the way.) And even if the aliens are telling the truth, it is only hearsay. And hearsay does not hold in a court of law, in logic, in the scientific process. Hearsay, in my experience, only holds in church. And in church, hearsay is nitpicked by the people who only say what they want to hear. Get me some reptilians willing to give me blood samples. Give me their human hybrid children. Let me test that DNA to prove a family connection. And then let me see that RH negative or positive connection. I'm willing to look at some real data. But lately I've noticed that not many people are collecting hard data anymore. It's scary, how badly we're undercutting ourselves in our desperate need to feel special. It isn't that you aren't special. It's just that you're claiming to be special for things that everyone has. I believe in deeds. It was a deed that put this wheel into motion. It will only be deeds that can free humanity and allow us to take our rightful place as sentient equals in the universe.