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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cow Mutilations

I listened to Coast to Coast last night and, good thing too because there was a lady on there talking about cow mutilations. Which is something I've never been able to find good information on when I've had time to look. So I listened to her and finally formed a question. "Are all the mutilations on females?"

I'd never heard of this woman before, mind you.

When I couldn't get through on the call line I emailed her and asked because I really wanted to know. She took the time to email me back this morning. There was *one* male mutilation. Oh, and she was a little butt hurt that I hadn't read her books. Lady, I didn't know you existed before last night! You ain't THAT famous.

But in my email I drudged up some memories for her use and shared. This of course meant that I was now thinking of said things when I went to bed. I woke up a bit later the way I do feeling something on my chest. Then my left ovary started to hurt as if it were being cut. This woke me up all the way thinking "The Greys! Are they operating?"

The heavy thing on my chest was my cat and the pain was a cramp I get from time to time. Oddly I thought to myself, still groggy, 'No, stop it!' and it went away.

And you lay there thinking that even if you're telling yourself these things for attention or people accuse you of talking about them all of the time because you need mental help, you can't be consciously dealing with it for attention if you're waking up in the middle of the night scared it's happening again. Not scared your cat is smothering you, that you're being raped by an intruder, or that you're hemmoraghing. You're waking up scared you're on the table again, and that's what you come out of slumber preparing to defend against.

 I've been researching on Skunk Works trying to find something as that is the only real lead I have right now. It's not easy material to find. At least for me: my computers never seem to yield good search results for some reason. Folks who don't live here have come over and seen the difference themselves.

EDIT: she later told me there were thousands of male mutilations. Turned out to be a nice lady.