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Friday, September 27, 2013

His response

"I think you're fairly correct on your assumptions. I haven't gotten into the abduction scenario much. Not from disbelief , just hasn't crossed my path. I do know that Dr Persinger was able to reproduce alien abduction in the lab by bombarding the temporal lobes of volunteers brains with ELF. They fully believed they were abducted. His research was Navy funded. So, I believe many abduction cases may in fact be government experimentation with directed energy to make victims believe that's what happened. "

This meant I had another question, so. I asked. It meant I had to go over some old stuff I've already talked about here, so I did it in brief.

"Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have been listening a radio interview with you and Dr. Duncan... and some accounts someone put out from interviews on the matter. I remember Dr. Duncan (was it?) discussing Dr. Persinger's research and how different levels create different sensations. I remember him especially saying at 15 people can't tell if its their thoughts or not. (I'm starting to be able to tell, but you have to be ready to examine yourself all of the time.) So I have another question (or maybe two, depending on how I have to phrase it). I truly hope you don't mind.

In my case I actually woke up in the middle of an abduction exercise. I was "cued", got out of bed and met these two men at the door who realized I was lucid. When they did, one of them stepped behind me and everything goes black. I woke up with a small sore on the back of my head that persisted on being there until only just recently. It's been a couple of years. My daughter also woke up with the same sore, but hers went away faster.

They were wearing dress blues, but not the kind my husband would wear. (He's army.) I can barely remember the layout of the decorations now.

So my question is: can this technology simulate such a memory? I mean, into making you think such a physical thing happened.

Dr. Karla Turner talked about a technology the aliens used she called holographic where the victim would be fooled into believing events were happening. The abductee would go through the entire scenario of aliens coming to them or going to the aliens, have a conversation in which they could be seen interacting with something that's not there, and they would never have to leave their bedroom.

It has come out that a lot of "alien abductions" are not in fact done by non human entities for a while now. But because of this, it is becoming a growing belief that either aliens don't exist or less than 10% are really alien abductions. This is becoming a problem, because I think that with everyone's inability to look at the issue holistically we are missing important details. But I won't bore you with that.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my initial email. I do greatly appreciate it. I will try not to bother you with more questions, it's just realizations coming to fruit you know."