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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Home Invasion

I've been thinking about this since it happened the other day.

There's something in our house, something sage doesn't chase off. And I think its attached itself to my husband. There's a long list of symptoms and physical manifestation.
First, it's been lurking around us since we moved to Fort Polk. I'm used to having things come in and out of the house and try to start trouble, but this one has been lingering a bit longer than usual. Since we moved to the new house it either has gotten stronger or braver.
At first things would get moved around, etc. Then the other day my husband and I were sitting watching tv and watched as a rolling chair moved itself across the room. Which let me know things were escalating a bit.

But I'm used to co-existing, you know, so I just let it go. Last night though was the cream on the cake: the sucker became a visible male-height shadow when it thought no one was looking and even gave me a most weird nightmare. 
It's kind of sad and funny at the same time with the nightmare. The nightmare was vague at first, as if there was an element of unsurity with building it. There was this girl with a brown ponytail and she was in this weird box frame. Her wrists were spread, bound to the box over her head.
Then the creature came. It was simply a man where I couldn't see the face, and all over its body were these weird raised scars that I thought of as circuitry. As the dream progressed the circuits changed to weird worms embeeded on its skin. 
It started to chatter its teeth. The chattering sound was loud and as the dream went on the sound began to sound more and more like a typewriter. The chattering caused the girl a lot of pain, and there she begged out of my line of sight. Oh please God mercy, oh god oh god.  
Then the creature's face became more clear, and I could tell that his mouth was peeled back very wide so that it was almost his face peeled back. There were metal wires holding back the skin in a rectangular shape. And he chattered there with his muscles showing.
I thought to myself, "That actress's voice is familiar. I wonder who she is." And I woke up.
When I told my husband of the nightmare yesterday morning. "That's Hellraiser," he said to me a little quizzically. I'd only gotten as far as describing the chattering. My husband proceeded to describe the rest of the monster to me.

Well I've never seen the Hellraiser movies. Just the thought of them is upsetting. My husband on the other hand has watched Hellraiser at work recently when he was given night duty.

So this means the sucker is following my husband around or knows about the movies somehow. I guess because I'd reacted to seeing the Hellraiser movies on Netflix from where my husband had been watching them it thought that would upset me. But as I was coming out of the dream I remember sensing it standing in the room staring at me.

So I proceeded to call a friend and make fun of the silly creature's pathetic attempt to scare me all day. This won't be the first time I've made fun of it. It will be the best example of how it's obvious it's there.

Listening to an interview by Robert Bruce who specializes in things like that, he mentions how they like to put bad thoughts in our mind. My husband and I got into a big fight and he certainly has changed in a lot of negative ways since coming here. He's a hell of a lot more selfish. And the thought of leaving him because of how childish and stupid he's been has been in my mind a lot.

But what if a lot of this were that buggly? Or "neg" as Robert Bruce calls them?

The current plan is to tell the neg where else it can go. And then to see about making it go away forever in case it doesn't upon suggestion. If I can just figure out how.